Why Dental Implants Are a Popular Option Today

Dental Implants at El Monte Angel Dental

Thanks to the technological developments made in the field of dentistry, patients now have access to much better and improved options. Before these advancements, it was not conceivable to think about replacing missing teeth. But thanks to the breakthrough of dental implants, you can have your missing tooth looking as good as new.

Dental implants have become quite a popular option these days.  A dental implant is a titanium screw that is implanted into the patient’s jaw where the tooth was extracted. In the case where one extracted teeth has to be implanted, the dentist screws in the implant and places a dental crown on top.

Where the patient requires implants to replace more than one extracted tooth, the dentist fits a bridge on top of the implants.

Irrespective of the number of teeth needed to replace, the most secure option is to go for dental implants. We will go deeper to help you understand why dental implants are a popular option.

Five Reasons Why Dental implants Are So Popular:

1. A Dental Implant Look Just Like a Real Tooth

The gap between two teeth can cause a lot of problem in the long run. You lose your self-esteem knowing that your missing teeth show every time you talk or smile. If you are looking for a solution to replace your extracted tooth with the real thing, then what you need are dental implants. They offer a natural aesthetic appearance so you do not have to worry about a thing.

The next best thing to real teeth, dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth so you can be confident in your smile.

2. Comfortable Fit and Natural Look 

Dental implants are intended to function, feel and look just as if they are your natural teeth. You will feel more confident while smiling, eating, and engaging in your social activities without any worries about them falling out or regarding how they look.

3. Reliable and Long-Lasting

With the right care and maintenance, dental implants will last you for a long time to come.

Dental implants provide near to flawless and a next to perfect fit. They fit like a glove and blend in with your natural teeth. In no time at all, you yourself will forget that you ever had a gap in your teeth and that you got it implanted.

4. Improves Your Ability to Chew Your Food

If you have missing or extracted teeth, you will often have to deal with the trouble of food being stuck in it. Dental implants will help you to easily chew your food without getting some food particles to get stuck.

5. Enhances Your Facial Features

In the procedure of dental implants, there is no need to alter the nearby teeth for the bridgework of the implants. The structure of your jawbone gets restored with dental implants since they help reduce bone resorption.


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