PPO & HMO Insurances

PPO & HMO Insurances

All PPO and Most other Insurances Accepted – Angel Dental Care

A Note for Patients With Dental HMO Insurances:

Patients with HMO insurance can only go to the dental office that they are assigned to. Even though their HMO plan covers many procedures, there are some procedures that are either not covered, or the dental office chooses to upgrade the procedures to a more expensive treatment plan. Often times dental offices charge exorbitant fees for those uncovered procedures. Sometime, those fees can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars that patients have to pay for out of their own pockets. That’s where our office can help you. If your estimated cost for any dental procedure is more than $800, please contact us.

Regardless of the type of insurance you have, what company you work for or the office you are assigned to, we can help you get your needed treatment done with great care and quality at a much lower cost.

If you already have started treatment, we can still see you for a complimentary consultation and evaluation. We will gladly discuss your options with you. In these tough economic times, you don’t have to overspend for your treatment.

Please contact our El Monte office at (626) 444-2002 or request an appointment for more information!