Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Angel Dental of El MonteHaving your wisdom teeth come in your later stages of life is natural. It is meant to emerge and complete your 32 set of teeth. Normally, wisdom teeth are expected to grow out in the ages between 17 and 25. It comes totally unexpected. To most of the people, the emergence of wisdom teeth causes a nagging pain that goes on continuously. There is no other solution to end this pain other than to see your dentist and have it extracted.

There some common signs that tell you it’s time to give your dentist a visit and have your wisdom teeth extracted.

1. Overcrowdedness in Mouth
Normally, you already have twenty-eight teeth present in your mouth before the wisdom teeth start to emerge. Once all the wisdom teeth come out, you have four more teeth, which makes it a total of thirty-two. Now there might not be an adequate amount of space left in your mouth to adjust the extra teeth easily.

In most cases when wisdom teeth start to emerge, they take up space and overcrowd the mouth. There is not enough room left in your jaw to fit in the wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, there is no such procedure that can make all the teeth fit perfectly together. Your only option left is to get your wisdom teeth extracted.

2. Irritation and Pain
At times when your wisdom teeth appear, you start to feel pain and ache in your mouth. When irritation and pain happens, it’s best to give your dentist a visit. They will proficiently check and see if the actual cause of the pain is your wisdom teeth or something else. They will also give you their expert advice if you really do need to get your wisdom teeth extracted. With time, the pain itself might subside and you won’t be needing an extraction after all. However, in most cases extraction is the answer to end the intense pain and make the irritation go away.

3. Difficulty in Eating
If you start to feel a sharp pain whenever you are eating, it’s most possible your wisdom teeth is the root cause of this. Food that is caught between the gums needs to be brushed away. Your wisdom teeth is in an inaccessible place. While brushing, your dental hygiene does not cover that area very well.

Check with your dentist if they can recommend you specifically designed tooth-cleaning products to help you handle this problem. Still, if the problem is not resolved and you are facing difficulty in eating, then chances are that extraction is the only solution left for you.

4. Inflamed and Tender Gums
At times when the wisdom teeth start emerging, it creates a covering of gum tissue that traps small food particles as well as bacteria. There is a chance that you might develop pericoronitis when the tissue becomes hard, swollen and makes it difficult to clean. In such cases, it is best that you have your wisdom teeth removed.

Having continuous pain, less space for the unexpected and compromising neighboring teeth makes it imperative for you to go to your dentist and get it extracted as the only solution.



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