Medi-Cal Dental Benefits


Did you know Medi-Cal has dental benefits for your entire family? If you live in California, you can visit the Smile California website here to get all the details about which dental procedures are covered for free or low cost for each member of your family. Visit to get all the details here.

Who is covered? What is covered?


When your baby gets his or hers first tooth, you should see your dentist for a check. Baby and toddlers are covered for dental exams, teeth cleanings every 6 months, x-rays, tooth removals, emergency services and fillings.


As your child grows older, dental check ups are still important. Medi-Cal covers all the basics including; dental exams (2x a year), teeth cleanings every 6 months, x-rays, tooth removals, emergency services, molar sealants, fillings, fluoride treatments and root canals.


Healthy and bright teeth can boost teenagers self esteem. Send them to school with an oral care kit that includes toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss in a pencil case. Medi-Cal covers or provides low cost services including; bi-annual dental exams and cleanings, x-rays, tooth removals, emergency services, fillings, fluoride treatments, orthodontics (for those who qualify), root canals, scaling and crowns.


For adults, including pregnant women, Medi-Cal can cover or provide low cost options up to $1800 a year for your dental needs including; 2x yearly dental exams and cleaning, x-rays, extractions, emergency services, crowns, root canals, scaling, partial or full dentures and fluoride treatments.


Seniors also qualify for Medi-Cal dental benefits, up to $1800 a year. Senior dental benefits include regular dental check ups and cleaning, scaling, root canals, crowns, full or partial dentures, extractions, emergency services, crowns, denture relines and more.


Visit Smile California website to learn more about Medi-Cal dental benefits, or call Angel Dental in El Monte, Ca. at 626-444-2002