The Aftercare Guide to Dental Implants

The Aftercare Guide to Dental Implants

With the help of today’s advanced and digitized technology, dental implants are next to the natural thing. They looks so real that you can hardly tell it’s not your own natural tooth. Dental implants are made according to your own personal measurements without any margin of error. It is the next best thing after your natural tooth. It looks, feels, works just like your natural tooth.

After you are done with the procedure of dental implants, you will be required to follow certain precautions, as well as refrain from other things. Although your dentist will give you their expert advice on what you should and should not do to help the healing process, we have taken the liberty to mention some guidelines you will find extremely helpful. Put them into practice and the surgery site will be healed in no time.

1. Focus on your Diet

for the first few days, it’s important that you watch over your diet and consume carefully. Increase the intake of soft foods and drink as much water as you can. Try to avoid eating solid foods or drinking hot liquids. Give your implants about a week before you start eating solid foods. As your implants start to heal, gradually re-introduce harder foods in your diet. If you keep an eye on your diet, you will go back to eating your normal diet in no time.

2. Try Not To Bother Your Dental Implants

Right after your dental implants have been implanted, it’s imperative that you avoid bothering it. Try not to think too much about your new dental implants. Agitating it will only elongate the healing process. Don’t press on it or try to wiggle it, best just to leave it alone and enjoy the new view. Not only that but it could possibly lead to other issues.

3. Put Some Ice on the Affected Area

After your dental implant procedure, you might notice some swelling in your face. Do not be alarmed; it is extremely common. What you can do is put some ice where the swelling is. Ask your dentist for the most optimum post-op care for you. With ice and swelling the key is to only leave the ice on the swollen area for 15 minutes at a time. 15 on, and 15 off. This reduces the chances of any problems with the cold ice. Within 3 to 5 days, the swelling will subside.

4. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

It is crucial that the healing of the surgery area take place completely. In order to do that, the site needs to be kept free of infections. There are billions of bacteria present in our mouth. You need to make sure your oral hygiene is well- maintained. Take care by a toothbrush that has soft bristles and brush gently around the implants. Floss habitually to help keep gums clean and infection free. Your dentist may have prescribed you mouthwash or rinse and antibiotics as well. Just follow as directed as to how many times you need to use them.

5. Reduce your physical activity

After a dental implant surgery, it is recommended that you keep a low profile of your physical activities. If you continue to do vigorous and long exercises, you may find bleeding and throbbing starting to occur. In case if it does, discontinue exercising for a while and focus on taking healthy nourishment.

The most important aftercare you can do for your dental implants is to get a checkup regularly with your dentist. This will help you ensure your oral health as well as confirm your implants are in a good condition.


Please Note: Post dental implant care will vary by patient and by dental practitioner or surgeon. We at Angel Dental Care in El Monte want you to follow the directions of your personal doctor first and foremost. The above suggestions, are just suggestions and do not constitute the whole post operative care picture. Please ask your dentist for specific care instructions for your personal situation.



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