5 Maintenance Tips To Prolong The Life of Your Dental Implant

dental implant careDental implants can last you a lifetime, provided you observe good oral hygiene and regularly visit your dentist. After your dental implant procedure, you need to continue your everyday routine of flossing and brushing along with upkeeping sensible lifestyle choices.

The long life of your implants will be contingent on various factors. Here are 5 maintenance tips you will surely find helpful in prolonging the life of your dental implants. With a little bit of effort and dedication, you can easily put these practices into execution.

1.   Let It Be
Those who have had dental surgery know just how sensitive the mouth can be later on. After your dental implant procedure, you need to avoid any interactions with the affected region as much as you possibly can. It may feel strange and tender to you, but you need to leave the affected area. Tampering or touching it will only disturb it, which would slow down the rate of the healing process.

2.   Be Cautious And Alert About What You Drink Or Eat  
At least for the first two days after the surgery, you need to avoid swilling around liquids in your mouth. It is also recommended you do not consume hot liquids or foods. You should stick to soft foods for the first two days. Not only will you find it more comfortable, you will be able to clean the affected area after your meal much effectively. Make sure that when you eat your food, you avoid the implanted region as much as you possibly can.

3.   Make Regular Visits To Your Dentist
Although you and only you will carry out the maintenance of your dental implant, you should not ignore the importance of going on your scheduled visits to your dentist. The life of your implants can be enhanced if you make regular trips to your dental hygienist and dentist. It goes without saying that this habit should already be practiced by you. It is highly recommended that you schedule six monthly visits with your dentist so you are ensured implant checks along with an oral hygiene check. In case if you are not following the correct oral hygiene regime you should follow after your dental implants, your dentist can always instruct you on the correct and proper ways.

4.   Lifestyle Choices
The longevity of your dental implants not only depends on how well-maintained you keep your teeth, it also depends on the lifestyle choices you make for yourself. If you smoke, you should be ready to face issues with your implants. Let your dentist know your lifestyle habits beforehand.


5.   Keep The Affected Area Clean
Following the days immediately after your surgery, it is essential you keep your mouth and the affected area as clean and disinfected as you can manage. Your dentist will most likely prescribe you a mouthwash. You need to ensure you rinse your mouth as prescribed. You can brush your teeth as you normally do. Just make sure to take extra gentle care while brushing near the inflicted area.


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