Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

The increasing consumption of energy drinks has continually been on the rise in recent times. Though the drinks are said to serve specific purposes but have you ever wondered what effect the drinks might be having on your teeth? Yes, your teeth!  Various sources overtime are also passing across information that not only does energy drink affect the wellness of the teeth but also the body due to excessive consumption.

However, according to findings, there are a couple of discoveries, which now requires one to be cautious of the consumption of energy drinks. Some of them include:

High Acidity: There is no doubt about the high-level acidity in the composition of energy drinks. And if you are to ask any dentist, you will definitely be enlightened to be more cautious about its consumption as they can affect your teeth adversely.

Loss of Enamel: Enamel has been found to play a vital role in promoting healthy teeth. It prevents explicitly dietary acid from affecting the inner layer of the teeth from potential damage. Despite being one of the hardest substances available in the body, it can easily dissolve when in contact with energy drinks that possess high acidity levels. More importantly, as essential as the enamel is, when dissolved, it cannot be restored to its initial form.

Lower saliva level: Have you ever experienced a dry mouth? If yes, you can say one or two things about the discomfort it can cause, aside from reduced protection and performance of the mouth. Having less than required saliva in the mouth creates unnecessary friction, makes chewing difficult, reduces protection for tooth enamel and protection against germs among many others. Energy drinks have also been found to possess the capacity to reduce the level of saliva’s pH.  Nonetheless, it becomes pertinent to control or limit the intake of energy drink if you desire a healthy teeth.

Despite the side effect of energy drinks on the teeth, quite a number of people still stick to its consumption. And this is because they derive some benefits from the drinks, as the name implies.  Moreover, there is a need to list out few tips on how you can keep your teeth healthy as regards energy drinks consumption.

· If you decide to stick with the consumption of energy drinks, do some research to avoid settling for the ones that create the most damage.

· Dilute the drinks to reduce the level of acidity

· Rinse your mouth vigorously after the ingestion of energy drinks

· Settle for more natural alternatives to energy drinks.

· Regular dental check-ups and guidance is need from your dentist.

More importantly, engaging the above guide will help you attain and maintain good health beyond your cavities. This means parts of your body, like the bones and kidneys, among others, get to benefit and perform better. So if you like your energy drinks, then keep up on your regular dental check ups with us here at Angel Dental in El Monte. Call us today if it’s time to make an appointment 626-444-2002