Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

The period of pregnancy can be likened to a time in the life of every woman when she feels like eating her cake and having it at the same time. It is a phase where you are perfect now and can’t really tell how you feel the next minute. The joy of seeing your bundle of joy in few months saturates your soul until the hurdles that come with being pregnant decide to pay you a visit; then you wish you were never pregnant. A lot of issues bother women while pregnant among which is the dental anomaly.

Hormonal changes in pregnancy can make a woman’s gum prone to irritation and inflammation. As mild as this sound, experts claim that dental cases such as periodontitis have their share in the occurrence of about 18% preterm births in pregnant women. Poor hygiene in pregnancy can affect your unborn baby negatively; the more reason you should practice a good dental hygiene system during pregnancy. In as much as many women would want to be safe from this dental havoc, a large number of them do not know how. Some women do but the Achilles heel known as morning sickness won’t let them comply. This piece is therefore written to give you hints on how to carry out pregnancy dental care.

Below are some tips for taking care of your teeth and gums while pregnant.

  • Avoid plaque accumulation.

To prevent the building up of plaque, you should brush your teeth thoroughly two times daily; after breakfast in the morning and after dinner at night before going to bed. Flossing once daily is also essential. If brushing your teeth makes you feel sick, you should try doing so late in the morning when you probably gag less. Using a toothbrush designed for kids might be helpful; due to the texture and size.

  • Try blank brushing.

You may find brushing without toothpaste helpful in pregnancy. But make sure you create a smudge with fluoride toothpaste on your teeth immediately after brushing without rinsing it off. Be sure to resume normal brushing with toothpaste as soon as you can.

  • Resolve to drink more tap water.

Tap water contains fluoride which gives strength to your teeth and prevents them from decaying. Note that the intake of fluoride through tap water or usage as toothpaste does not bring harm to your unborn child. You may want to talk to your doctor should you have any doubts about this.

  • Be wise about your eating habits.

Sugary drinks and snacks should be avoided during pregnancy as they increase the risk of encountering tooth decay. Healthy foods such as dairy products are rich in calcium and some vital nutrients which support the growth of healthy teeth in your baby also giving strength your teeth as the mother. These foods include milk, ice-cream, yogurts, cheese (dairy products), beans and almonds.

  • Make your dental checkup appointment a big deal.

Being pregnant isn’t an excuse to stay off your dental checkup routine. In fact, pregnancy should draw you closer to your dentist as the total state of your well-being, and that of your child relies partly on your dental condition. Prompt and regular visits to your dentist during pregnancy rules out the possibility of having health issues resulting from poor hygiene; this is because you get to talk to your dentist as soon as you notice a sign of concern before it escalates into something bigger.

After all said and done, it is obvious that a good dental hygiene system can make the coaster ride of pregnancy smoother and more enjoyable. We want to help keep you smiling during your pregnancy, come in to visit Angel Dental for a check up today 626-444-2002. We are easy to get to in El Monte.