Do Dental Implants Ever Need To Be Replaced?

People all around the world have been benefiting from dental implants for years now. After the invention, researchers continued to improve the dental implant procedure and they have made some successful changes in the treatment. Most dentists advise patients to opt for dental implants because of its success rate in the treatment of damaged tooth replacement. Its natural feel and appearance has helped people to smile again who earlier felt reluctant because of their broken teeth. Patients who undergo dental implants experience a boost in their self-esteem because they are no longer ashamed of how their teeth look.

Due to any unfortunate situation if your tooth goes missing, it’s advised to visit a dentist who can further guide you on how to address your concern through dental implants. Apart from the appearance of the implant, it also provides ease in chewing and strengthens the jawbone.

You must have multiple questions in your mind regarding dental implant and how long will it stay before the need arises to have it replaced. Continue reading to know more about dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implant is an artificial root of the tooth made out of titanium in shape of a screw. This artificial tooth is implanted into the jaw where it bonds with the natural jawbone. Once the implant is fixed in the jaw, a crown is attached to it. Crown is an artificial tooth that is placed on the top of the screw to replace the missing tooth.

The implant provides a sturdy base for the crown to settle. Crowns are custom made according to the shape and the structure of your natural teeth. If the dental implant procedure is carried out effectively, it can last for years and you will not feel as if there is an artificial tooth in your mouth.

Are Dental Implants Secure?

You don’t really have to worry about the implant coming out while you are chewing because it is secured into the jaw through a surgery. Additionally, dental implants are highly secure and will not loosen up as opposed to in the case of dentures. The implant screw is deeply fixed into the jawbone and provides the same strength as a natural tooth.

For How Long Will The Dental Implant Last?

Unlike other alternatives of tooth replacement, dental implant would not lose its place and stay longer. According to dentists, if you take proper care of your teeth, the implant can last more than 25 years. It could even last for a lifetime but for that, there are multiple things that should be taken care of, such as:

  • a regular dental checkup
  • brushing and flossing twice
  • avoid chewing on hard items
  • avoid opening hard objects with your teeth
  • oral health and lifestyle
  • effective implant by the dentist

When To Get The Dental Implant Replaced

Your implant would require a replacement, in case infection develops in the gums or the implant is damaged due to an accident. If everything remains normal and you are taking good care of your oral hygiene and visiting the dentist for regular follow-ups then you would never need any replacement for your implant.

Last Words

With dental implants, you can regain your lost self-esteem and confidence. Smile brighter and laugh louder again because nobody would ever find out that you underwent a dental implant procedure because of its natural look. Take care of your oral health and keep smiling! Call us, Angel Dental of El Monte to set up a consultation about dental implants 626-444-2002




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