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Tips to a Healthier Smile

Tips to a Healthier Smile

You probably have heard the phrase “tips to healthy teeth” numerous times. And, considering the subject matter of this write-up, some would wonder if there are really any tips for a healthy smile. In this case, the simple answer is, yes! There are ways to have and also maintain a healthy smile.  However, before going into the details of the tips, it becomes essential to shed some light on what makes a healthy smile.

Basics of a healthy smile

You get to radiate a healthy smile if you follow the basic care:

  • Maintain your clean teeth with brushing.
  • Reduce plaque build up by flossing.
  • Visit the dentist 2 times a year for your annual check up.

Vital tips toward improving your healthy smile

  • Maintain proper dental hygiene: Quite a number of people don’t brush their teeth immediately following every meal.
    1.  Brush at least, twice daily.
    2. Brushing the exterior and interior of your teeth.
    3. Brushing your tongue right from the front tip and back to the rear of the tongue can get rid of many germs that can cause mouth odor.
    4. Flossing daily: this helps in removing plaque that is hidden in-between the teeth and can’t be removed by just brushing. Also, flossing regularly has been proven to help prevent the occurrence of gingivitis,among other issues.
    5. Rinse your mouth with water after eating. Also, after taking other forms of drinks like soft drinks juice and alcohol.
  • Eating right: Eat less sugary foods and reduce your intake of drinks like red wine and coffee. Drinking plenty of water is also vital.
  • Avoid unhealthy Personal habits: Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking, consumption of excessive alcohol, cutting dirty fingernails with your teeth.
  • Visit the dentist regularly: In some cases, achieving and maintaining a healthy smile through perfect dental hygiene might be a bit challenging when you lack the guidance of dental professionals.

At this point, knowing all the above alone won’t do the magic of a healthy smile; however, having the discipline to follow all the tips through is what guarantees you that desired and radiant smile. So start your healthy mouth routine today. There is always room for improvement. And don’t forget to set up your check up appointment with Angel Dental of El Monte by calling 626-444-2002.


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