Holiday Sweets and Your Teeth

Holiday sweets and your teethHoliday Sweets and Your Teeth

Holidays, bring with themselves, our favorite dishes and festive sweets that often overflow at parties and family gatherings. It can be hard to resist your sweet tooth cravings, especially when you see holiday-specific sweet items.

The sweet munchies consumed during the holidays can wreak havoc on your oral health. As holiday season can make even the most conscious person fall out of good oral habits.

As the holiday season approaches, we have compiled a list of useful tips that can save you from a possible oral disaster.

Carry a Toothbrush with You

During the sugary holiday season, good oral hygiene becomes more important. Brushing your teeth should be your first line of defense. It is advised to wait for half an hour after a meal before you brush your teeth. However, with busy schedules, it can prove to be very tricky. Carrying a toothbrush allows you to clean your teeth on the go.

Portable toothbrushes are ideal for people who are on the road more often. You can visit a restroom after eating and quickly clean your teeth. Many portable toothbrushes come with built-in toothpaste ideal for the situation.

Use mouthwash

If you can’t brush after eating, then consider using a mouthwash. A pocket-size mouthwash can prove to be the best alternative to the toothbrush. You can remove the right amount of sugar and food by merely rinsing your mouth.

Ask for a Straw

According to various studies, there is a direct link between consumption of sugary drinks and development of tooth decay. Therefore, it is better to use a straw to direct liquid away from your teeth and making sugary drinks less harmful. Even diet beverages can carry up to 10 teaspoons of sugar per serving. So better, be mindful of it.

Chew non-sugar gum

Chewing non-sugary gum can help stimulate saliva flow, working as a natural defense against tooth decay and can help remove food stuck between your teeth.

Finish meal with calcium-rich food

Calcium-rich foods like cheese, meat, nuts, and milk can help protect your enamel by coating it with phosphorus and calcium, aiding in re-mineralization of your teeth. You can carry some nuts in your pocket or car and eat it on the go. Strong enamel is essential to maintain a healthy smile.

Observe moderation

Yes, you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, but you should be mindful of it. Some sugary and sticky foods that can be found everywhere during the holiday season can prove to be extremely harmful. These include candy canes, chocolate coins, gumdrops, jellybeans, covered-apples, sticky buns, and other similar items. It is recommended to enjoy such items in moderation and not to be carried away.

The holiday season can prove to be hectic, and you might miss most of the tips as you stay out late, up early or on the road. Therefore, prepare a dental package beforehand containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss or any other necessary item. Set the alarm to help you remember that you need to brush or floss.

It is observed that during holiday season, oral health issues such as gum diseases and tooth decay surface exponentially. Therefore, precautionary measures can help you a lot in the end.


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