Dry Mouth and Teeth Health

Dry Mouth and Your Teeth

Dry Mouth and Teeth Health

Xerostomia also known as dry mouth is not just a common symptom, but is a condition that can lead to severe health issues if it’s left untreated and can have an adverse impact on your teeth. Dry mouth usually occurs when you are nervous, upset or stressed. It can generally turn into a long term problem. For some people this is a serious issue as the salivary glands in the mouth are not working properly causing the mouth to be dry. Dry mouth is mainly found in people who are on medication which is why people who are going through cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are more likely to have dry mouth.  Let’s look at the impact dry mouth has on your teeth:

Tooth Decay

Dry mouth can cause tooth decay as the lack of saliva means your teeth will become prone to cavities as they will start breaking down due to the bacteria build up.  Besides tooth decay, dry mouth can also increase the chances of creating other infections in your mouth. In the long run, if it isn’t treated properly it will cause certain oral diseases and conditions. Regardless of you conditions, you should take the necessary steps to counter dry mouth as it has long term implications.

Difficulty in Chewing

Our mouths need a significant amount of saliva while we digest our food. The lack of saliva invariably makes it hard for people to chew their food. This means that they will try to swallow large chunks of food and with lack of saliva the process of swallowing will become a lot more difficult. Many people suffering from dry mouth try avoiding solid foods and stick to liquids such as soups and broths as that can enhance their saliva level.

Bad Breath

Having less saliva can also affect your taste buds, making it harder for you to taste your food. At times it can also affect your speech and promote bad breath. You need saliva to provide the circulation that one needs to get rid of bacteria that is formed and creates bad breath.

Mouth Sores

Lack of Saliva can also result in mouth sores – nobody likes having sores as they are painful. Sores create this tingling or burning sensation before they appear making the process lengthy and painful. Like dry mouth, sores make it difficult for people to eat, drink, swallow, talk or breathe.


Whether you are suffering from a condition or are facing temporary dry mouth symptoms, it is vital to know the impact a dry mouth has on the health of your teeth. Dry mouth can cause issues in chewing, decay of tooth and give way to the eruption of mouth sores, and bad breath. It is only when you know the symptoms you can treat a condition and dry mouth is a condition that needs to be taken of more seriously.


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