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Clear or Metal Braces? What’s The Difference?

Clear or Metal Braces? What’s The Difference?

The aspect of dentistry that deals or specializes with the diagnosis and correction of irregular positioned teeth and jaws is referred to as orthodontics.

Dental braces are instruments used by dentists in orthodontic treatment for different reasons, but the most predominant use of braces is for the correction of irregular or maloccluded (crooked) teeth.

Malocclusion occurs when the two jaws are poorly or not properly aligned and may be protruding over one another. Some people might see it as just cosmetic and not problematic in a pathological sense, but malocclusion can possibly lead to pain and difficulty in chewing or even speaking.

There are different types of dental braces, and they include the traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign. The traditional metal braces and clear or ceramic braces are types of dental braces. The traditional metal braces are the most common types and are very obvious. They involve wires and are usually made out of metal. The metal braces are attached to the teeth, and their positioning and arrangement can be adjusted suitably.

The metal brace is not costly, but it is very effective. As earlier mentioned, the traditional metal braces are obvious, and so it can possibly make someone feel self-conscious about their outlook. Some persons also possibly use a different color of bands to cover them in an attempt to make them look more colorful, and in so doing, they improve their appearance although the braces would still be obvious.

The ceramic or clear braces, on the other hand, are very similar to the metal braces in shape and size, but they are made of a ceramic material. This clear brace integrates with the natural color of the teeth making it less noticeable. The clear braces are just as effective as the metal braces because they have the same model and so look alike. They both serve the same function of gradually moving the teeth into desired positions over time and so the only difference between the clear and metal braces is in the substance they are made of and their color.

The metal braces are made of stainless-steel with elastic rubber band ties while the clear braces are made of clear tooth-coloured ceramic substances. People prefer clear braces because it has improved their smile and appearance without attaching the stigma of a metal mouth. This is in contrast to the metal braces that are very obvious though more durable and so more appropriate for intensive teeth corrections. The clear braces can also be removed and replaced at will, making it more flexible for usage. It can be removed for eating meals, dental hygiene and can be replaced in the mouth to continue the tooth and jaw alignment. The clear braces look better, and so patients are more confident with it on unlike the metal braces, and due to its flexible usage, oral health was improved through properly aligned teeth. The clear braces are more expensive than metal braces because they are much less noticeable and aesthetic due to their color. Although it is a more favorable alternative for some persons, they are prone to get stained if they are not adequately cared for. Clear braces are also susceptible to chip and crack because of its fragile, delicate and aesthetic nature. Clear braces are majorly used by persons who are highly conscious of their cosmetic look; however, maintenance of the clear braces should be taken into account.

Clear braces are more expensive than the metal braces while the metal braces are more durable and so can serve for longer periods without repair or breakage of any kind when subjected to pressure. Like in the situation where clear braces are worn on the upper teeth, and metal braces are worn on the lower teeth to avoid damaging the clear braces by the pressure exerted on it. To a large extent, the type of job or your everyday activity has a great role in determining the type of brace you should buy and use.

Clear braces cannot withstand pressure, and so it is not ideal for anyone who is always in contact with too much pressure, especially to the mouth like boxing. Clear braces are strong but are not as strong as metal braces. The clear and metal braces both have their advantages and disadvantages which differentiate them. Likewise, a lot of things have to be put into consideration before you buy, and to a large extent, your choice should be determined by your lifestyle. This is because the clear braces often come with the benefit of invisibility and aesthetics, and they can be expensive when compared to metal braces that are durable and strong and therefore needing less maintenance, unlike the clear braces.

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