What To Do When A Crown Falls Out?

Crown Fell OutThe best way to get through a rough patch is to do exactly what cheesy placards in stationery stores tell you to do – “Live and let live” or the simple yet infamous “Smile please!” As cliche as it may sound, a smile is the first step to fixing things and is oftentimes viewed as a crucial element in building interpersonal relationships and advancing the career lattice. But what do you do when your smile is inherently flawed?

For misshaped, discolored, or weakened teeth, the answer is straightforward – get a dental crown. Dental crowns are designed to strengthen damaged teeth and typically last a few years to a lifetime. However, sometimes, crowns can come out when you eat soft or sticky foods like caramel or taffy. This may occur as a result of adhesive failing, but a crown can also become dislodged if the anchoring tooth matter begins to decay.

In the event of a crown failure, follow this step-by-step guide to get through this traumatic affair:

Step 1: Contact your dentist right away

A fallen-out dental crown can be classified as a dental emergency especially if it presents with a possibility of widespread infection. Schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist. Since the underlying, prepared tooth is fragile and unprotected, it may cause sensitivity or pain. In order to avoid any unwarranted complications from arising, it is important to get your crown reaffixed as soon as possible.

Step 2: Recover & rinse off your crown

Ensure that your crown is in good shape for it to be reattached to your tooth. This will save you the time and money that would otherwise be invested in getting you a newly manufactured crown. If your crown is dirty on recovery, rinse it off gently with warm water. Then, put it in a clean plastic bag or container where it’s easily accessible. Bring it with you to the dentist so that they can attempt to reattach it.

Step 3: Protect your tooth until the appointment

Ideally, you’re expected to get emergency dental care on the same day that your crown falls off. But if this is not possible, you’ll need to take some stringent measures to ensure that your underlying tooth is well-protected. Remember, your tooth is going to feel sore and tender due to a lack of protection around it.

If your tooth is hurting a lot, you can buy temporary dental cement from the drugstore and create a protective coating that will protect your tooth until the appointment approaches. Temporary fillings can also be easily removed by the dentist.

Step 4: Get your crown reattached or replaced

If you arrive at the dental appointment with a crown that is in good shape, chances are that it can be easily reattached with dental cement. This repair will likely last for many years to come. However, if your tooth or crown is severely damaged following the dental trauma, crown reattachment is advised against. In this case, your dentist can fabricate a new crown for replacement.

What not to do if your crown falls out?

If your crown comes loose due to dental trauma or an accident, the most important thing to remember is to not swallow it. While you’re waiting on your dental appointment to get your crown reattached or replaced, avoid doing the following things to ensure that the crown and your underlying tooth are in tip-top condition:

● Avoid foods that are sticky, hard, or require a lot of chewing

● Try to avoid chewing food on the affected side of your mouth

● Avoid overzealous brushing or flossing

Losing a dental crown can be an alarming experience. But with the right steps, you can manage the situation quite easily. Need a crown replaced or reattached? Contact your Angel Dental centrally located in El Monte today 626-444-2002