What Do You Do When Your Tooth Hurts?

Suffering from a tooth trauma or a toothache can be a tremendously painful experience. Whether it’s sudden and sharp or constant and dull, tooth pain is impossible to ignore.

So what do you do when your tooth hurts? Here are some useful tips.

1.   Make An Appointment With Your Dentist
Before you start to take any steps to relief your tooth pain, make an appointment with your dentist for as early as you possibly can. The more you delay or procrastinate to see your dentist, the more worse your toothache will get. There will be moments when you will notice the tooth pain has faded. Do not cancel your appointment as the pain will return, only this time it will be much worse.

2.   Avoid Cold and Hot Foods and Beverages
You must have noticed that when you have cold or hot food or beverages, you instantly feel a sharp acute pain. This is because you teeth have become sensitive because the bacteria in plaque has produced acid, which eats away the tooth enamel. So it’s best you avoid beverages and foods that are very hot or very cold.

3.   Pass on Acidic or Sweet Foods and Beverages
It is better that you avoid beverages and foods that are acidic or are high in sugar. Both kinds of food can aggravate tooth decay and cause more pain.

4.   Brush and Floss
Even though you may face pain in the afflicted areas of your teeth, make sure you still brush or floss the painful area. If your mouth stays clean, then less bacteria will produce acid. Try to floss between the painful teeth as removing the plaque and food particles can help lessen the toothache pain.

5.   Use Oil of Cloves (also known as Eugenol)
Eugenol is found in a number of dental materials due to its anesthetic and antiseptic properties. You can easily find eugenol in health food stores and use it to mitigate your tooth pain. Even check with your local pharmacist, they may have some behind the counter.

Oil can also be used to help with your tooth pain. Take a piece of cotton and soak it in oil. Blot the cotton ball on a tissue so the excess is removed. With a pair of clean tweezers, press the cotton ball on your painful tooth for about 10 seconds or so, while being careful you do not swallow any drops of the oil.

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