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What are dental veneers?

What are dental veneers?

Healthy teeth
Healthy teeth

Let’s face it.  When it comes to teeth, everyone wants the hallmarks of a gorgeous smile.  Straight alignment, perfect spacing, and a beautiful aesthetic is on everyone’s wish list.  But what happens if you weren’t born with the ‘perfect’ set of teeth?  Many people think that one of the only paths to a stunning smile is by spending years with braces or orthodontic apparatuses.  The good news is that there is another way, and if you are a candidate, this way will take only a tiny fraction of the time.  Let’s take a look at the dental veneer.

Exactly what is a dental veneer?

Also known as porcelain veneers, or dental porcelain laminates, the dental veneer is a super thin, yet remarkably strong shell layer of ceramic material that is placed over the front surface of a tooth much in the same way that an artificial nail covers the bare fingernail underneath.  This highly appealing and natural colored material can very easily transform the size, shape, and coloring of your natural tooth structure.  In addition to adding a vibrant aesthetic to any smile, dental veneers are also remarkably protective of your natural teeth, making them an excellent choice for a large number of candidates.

Who do dental veneers help?

Since dental veneers can be customized to match your very specific tooth coloring and your desired dental countenance, they are frequently chosen as the dental procedure of choice for individuals who have tooth chipping, abnormal spacing, discoloration, unsightly resin fillings, or unevenness.  Dental veneers also provide excellent fixes for teeth that have been worn down through grinding, and in many cases they also work well for post root canal tooth reconstruction.

How do they work?

The process of getting a dental veneer is remarkably simple and doesn’t require any pain.  A candidate will typically require three dental office trips.  The first trip is a consultation.  This is where a veneer plan can be made.  The dentist will take your X-ray, hear your dental concerns, and will likely make impressions of your teeth and mouth.  In the second office visit, the veneers will actually be made with the dentist possibly taking a microscopic sample of your real tooth enamel in order to ensure specific matching.  On the third visit, your teeth will be cleaned, polished, and prepped before the veneer bonding and application process takes place.  In some cases a fourth visit can be scheduled as a follow up to examine placement and settings, and to ensure post application gum health.  Once completed, well-maintained veneers last for many years.

If you are considering dental veneers Angel City Dental can help.  Contact us for a free consultation to find out more about how we can transform your entire smile in just a few short visits!





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