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Thinking About Dental Veneers?

Thinking About Dental Veneers?

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With today’s Instagram culture flourishing, we are all guilty of taking selfies. When the lighting is good and your hair is on fleek, it’s difficult to resist the urge to show the world how good you look. People do all it takes to augment their pictures but the best way to take your dull pictures to the next level is by flaunting a stunning smile.

However, a perfect smile isn’t always as easy to achieve, and with a staple of wine, coffee, or daily dental lathing due to advancing age, teeth discoloration can happen over time. So, if you’re tired of taking pictures with tight-lipped smiles, it might be time to get your hands on the perfect Instagram smile kit with the help of dental veneers!

What is a dental veneer?

According to the American Dental Association, dental veneers are ultra-thin shells that are custom-made to cover the front surface of the teeth. They are made with tooth-colored materials to perfectly mask any dental imperfections and are bonded onto your teeth to create a solid, semi-permanent casing that is stain-proof and resilient.

One of the biggest secrets A-list celebrities are hiding from you is that their flawless “Hollywood smiles” are all thanks to dental veneers! Dental veneers can be personalized to fit your mouth and blend in with the rest of your teeth. This means that the shape, size, color, and even texture can be altered to precisely match your natural pearly whites!

Types of dental veneers

Depending on your needs, dental veneers can be primarily of two types: ceramic veneers (Sometimes called laminates) and resin-based composite veneers.

  • Ceramic dental veneers: These are extremely thin shells made of strong and durable porcelain and will need to be specially fabricated in a laboratory. They are fully customizable and look, feel, and function like natural teeth.
  • Resin composite dental veneers: These dental veneers can be fabricated and loaded into your mouth in a single appointment. They are fairly tooth-colored and cost-effective but may not resist stains as well as their porcelain counterparts.

When are dental veneers used?

Dental veneers are comprehensive dental prostheses and can be used to refine even the dullest of smiles. They can be used for a wide variety of minor dental mishaps such as:

  • To improve discolorations caused by medications (like tetracycline), fluorosis, smoking, or age-related teeth darkening
  • To repair chipped or fractured teeth
  • To close diastemas or uneven gaps in between teeth
  • To lengthen front teeth in cases of uneven smile
  • To accentuate your smile and improve your appearance

How are dental veneers fabricated?

At Angele Dental Care, our fully-equipped dental team design smiles from scratch! Dental veneers are fabricated in the following steps:

1. Trimming the tooth: The tooth that is to receive the dental veneer is prepared appropriately by removing about one millimeter of enamel from the surface, as recommended by the Academy of General Dentistry.

2. Taking the shade: Our dentist then uses a shade guide to determine the exact color of porcelain that would closely match with the rest of your teeth.

3. Impression taking: The impression of your teeth around the veneer is taken with the help of a putty-like compound.

4. Preparing the veneer: The dental veneer is created in the laboratory using your impression as the guide.

5. Bonding the veneer: Once the veneer is ready, our dentist proceeds to etch your tooth surface with a bonding agent, over which the dental veneer is placed.

Dental veneers are the next big thing to turn your slovenly teeth into the brightest set of pearly whites. Want a set of your own? Contact Angel Dental Care today 626-444-2002!