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Say Goodbye to Missing Teeth & Poor Oral Health: How Dental Implants Can Help

Say Goodbye to Missing Teeth & Poor Oral Health: How Dental Implants Can Help

Dental Implants can improve your smileIf you’ve ever experienced a cavity or tooth loss, you know that these issues can cause more than just mouth pain – they can also lead to increased anxiety and insecurity.
But the good news is a dental procedure available that can help restore your sense of confidence and provide lasting relief: dental implants. Dental implants act as prosthetic teeth, providing a secure foundation for missing teeth while improving one’s overall oral health function. Let’s dive deeper to learn all the benefits of dental implants!

1.Prevent Bone Loss
Dental implants restore the aesthetics of your smile and preserve your jawbone while preventing bone loss. When you suffer tooth loss, the space in your jaw starts to deteriorate due to insufficient stimulation. Without the support of a dental implant, this bone loss can cause facial sagging, which makes you look older than you are. Dental implants provide that stimulation by acting as artificial tooth roots and stimulating the jawbone when you chew or speak. This helps to keep your jaw healthy and strong, preserving its shape and preventing further deterioration.

2.Reduce Facial Sagging
When you lose teeth, it can cause facial sagging due to the deterioration of the jawbone caused by lack of stimulation. Dental implants prevent this by providing an artificial root for the missing tooth and stimulating the jawbone during daily activities like eating or speaking. This stimulation helps to keep your jawbone strong, preserving its shape and helping to reduce any sagging that may occur due to bone loss. In addition, dental implants also help improve your oral health by providing a stable base for your other teeth, reducing wear and tear on them, and keeping them healthy and functional over time.

3.Eliminate Gum Diseases
Gum diseases are a major cause of tooth loss and can be prevented with regular dental care. Dental implants are a great option for those who have lost teeth due to gum disease or other factors. Implants provide a secure, stable foundation for replacement teeth that is much more durable than bridges or dentures. The titanium posts used in the implant procedure act as artificial roots, providing support and stability for the new teeth. This prevents further damage to the gums caused by shifting or movement of the replacement teeth.

4.Restore Bite Force
Losing teeth comes with reduced bite force and uncomfortable eating. With dental implants, you can restore your original bite force and enjoy all types of food again. The implants act as natural teeth, which means they will be able to handle the same amount of pressure when you chew your food as your natural teeth would have been able to handle. This makes eating a much easier and more enjoyable experience than before.

5.Match Your Natural Teeth
Dental implants resemble real teeth, so they blend perfectly with your natural smile. They are made from highly polished materials matching your tooth color, so they look just like the rest of your smile. With implants, you no longer have to worry about gaps in your smile or having an unnatural-looking smile due to missing teeth! Plus, since they feel just like natural teeth, you won’t even know that you have them in place!

Rounding Up
Dental implants help to prevent bone loss by stimulating growth and contributing strength to the jawbone – resulting in improved oral health. Furthermore, dental implants restore bite force and look incredibly natural. When you opt for an implant over other traditional methods, you can rest assured that you made the soundest choice for your long-term tooth replacement needs. To know the cost of dental implants and other crucial details, give us a call at Angel Dental in El Monte 626-400-2002

Here is a picture of a before and after of a dental implant from a real patient completed at Angel Dental with Dr. Pedram Zaghi. You can see for yourself the benefit of a dental implant. Call us today!

Dental Implants Before and After with Angel Dental