New Year! New You!

It’s that time of year where everything is made new, and a fresh round of resolutions are made.  Frequent declarations include losing weight, getting fit, and improving overall health, but one key component of overall health that many forget to include in their lists is oral health!  While having strong maintenance regimens for your mouth, teeth, and gums is an admirable goal in and of itself, it also has a strong, positive influence on the overall well being of your whole body, including your immune system, blood, and even your cardiovascular health!  Let’s take a look at a few of the simple things you can do to ensure optimal dental health throughout the entire New Year.

1. Check your dental insurance plan.

The best way to get the most out of your dental insurance coverage is to fully understand the multitude of features that it offers to you.  Many individuals find that some of the items and procedures that they have been paying for out of pocket are actually covered under the dental plan they already have.  Knowing the ins and outs of your plan will help you with many aspects of you annual dental planning.

2. Schedule your tooth cleanings.

Dental cleanings should be scheduled on a calendar basis, no less than twice per year with each appointment being approximately six months apart.  In order to ensure both cleanings get done on time, it’s best to schedule both appointments at the beginning of the year.  Utilize a smartphone calendar or online scheduler to give you reminders one month, and one week before your cleaning dates.  Most dental insurance plans will cover these routine cleanings.

3. Update your dental x-rays

While in the dental office for your bi-annual routine cleanings, it is important to ask your dentist if you dental x-rays are up to date.  Though dental X-rays don’t need to be refreshed with every office visit, having current X-rays is an important element of detecting dental issues before they have a chance to develop or become serious.  Not only can this save you from potentially painful procedures, but it can also spare you the expense that at times comes along with more complex procedural work.

Following these simple dental health steps will ensure you are well covered for any dental health resolutions you may make.  Renew this resolution every yea and maintain optimal dental health and a long lasting peace of mind!


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