Dentures – Your Affordable Solution to Tooth Loss!

Affordable Dentures at Angel DentalIn the United States, less than half of all adults have all of their permanent teeth left in their mouths. As people age, the chance of them losing or missing teeth inevitably becomes higher. Tooth loss is a realistic fear that most adults face as they grow older. It has been found that almost two-thirds of all adults between the ages of 40 and 64 are missing at least one tooth while a whopping 19% over the age of 65 are completely edentulous.

Fortunately, today we are gifted with the rapid advancement of technology and science and so, tooth replacement options are thriving a plentitude in the market. However, most options that your dentist presents to you may be way out of your budget and you may even be considering not getting a replacement at all.

But, you no longer have to break your bank to get a decent tooth replacement for your toothless mouth! With dentures, you can eat, talk, and smile with confidence while still keeping your choice completely affordable and reliable!


Dentures are removable appliances that are used to replace missing teeth and surrounding structures, successfully helping restore your smile. If you have lost your natural teeth to gum disease, tooth decay, or injury, replacing them with the help of dentures will greatly benefit your appearance and your health in general.

Dentures can either be full or partial. Full or complete dentures replace all of your missing upper and lower teeth, while partial dentures replace only a few of your missing teeth. Regardless of what kind of dentures you may need, they are crucial to help improve the appearance of your smile and also to help you eat and bite with ease.


Complete and partial dentures are not the only kinds of dentures you can choose from. In fact, dentures are also distinguished depending on their applications and your specific mouth needs.

● Conventional: These kinds of removable dentures are made and placed in your mouth after the remaining teeth have been removed and the tissues have healed completely. The entire healing process may take several weeks to even months.

● Immediate: These types of removable dentures have the provision to be inserted on the same day that the remaining teeth are removed. After taking measurements and models of your jaw, your dentist will be able to fabricate a custom-made denture for you without having to wait for the healing period to be over. However, the denture may need to be relined or remade if there are some specific changes that arise after the healing process is complete.

● Overdenture: In some cases, your dentist will choose to leave behind some teeth in order to help preserve your jawbone and provide stability and support for the denture. This is where an overdenture comes in. An overdenture fits over a small number of remaining natural teeth after they have been prepared by your dentist. Dental implants may also be used to serve the same function.

Following a denture insertion, you may feel a little discomfort for a few days as your tissues begin to adapt to the appliance. However, after a few weeks, this should naturally subside. Although dentures make use of artificial teeth and base plates to recreate your teeth, they should be properly taken care of. This includes brushing and cleaning them periodically to prevent the accumulation of plaque.

If properly taken care of, dentures can easily last anywhere from ten to fifteen fruitful years. This affordable and highly reliable tooth replacement technique shows great promise and success, having been in use for centuries. Get your brilliant dentures made today and flaunt your flawless smile! Call Angel Dental at 626-444-2002 today for a consultation.