Dental Implant Basics

Dental Implant BasicsWhat are implants?

Dental implants are a dental technique that allows the replacement of a natural tooth with an artificial one. An implant consists of a particular screw made of titanium which, through surgery, is inserted into the bone, replacing the root of the missing tooth.

The implant joins with the bone and after about a month it will be able to support a ceramic capsule that will perfectly reproduce a real tooth.

Today it is possible to request an implant even immediately after having extracted a tooth, with an immediate load implant surgery. This operation is in great demand by patients so that they can improve the aesthetic appearance of their smile.

It is also possible to install several systems in the same session. If necessary, you can reconstruct an entire arch and in a very short time you will have healthy and aesthetically perfect teeth.

Advantages of dental implants

· Dental implants can replace one or more teeth up to the entire arch covering all its functions, from chewing to the aesthetic side.

· Dental implantology allows you to obtain teeth that are in terms of characteristics and functionality like natural teeth.

· The success rate found in this therapy is very high, about 99.9%

· The implant does not affect other teeth, unlike bridges.

· They are able to provide perfect stability and prevent atrophy.

· The very important advantage is the duration: in most cases the implants last for a lifetime. They are therefore a definitive solution to the problem of edetulism.

What are the stages of the surgical procedure for inserting implants?

The surgical insertion of dental implants is quick and is performed under local anesthesia in a few minutes.

Let’s now analyze how the procedure for inserting a dental implant takes place:

· The affected gum is anesthetized.

· A small incision is made in this area to separate the gum from the bone.

· With a ball drill you begin to incise the outer part of the bone.

· When the hole has been formed, it is widened with two more.

· The bone is hydrated throughout the operation to avoid heating.

· The hole is enlarged with a gauge cutter to reach the desired size.

· The implant is inserted inside the newly created crack.

· The implant is screwed with the transport device.

· The device is removed.

· A screw is screwed to the dental implant which will help the gum during healing.

· Sutures will be applied to close the entire implant in a fixed way.

· When the work is completed, it will take about a month for the gum to grow back completely.

· The previously inserted screw is unscrewed.

· An impression is taken of the position of the implant within the dentition.

· The right size of the new tooth is chosen.

· The sutures are pulled out after a week.

Is the surgery to insert dental implants painful?

The surgery for the insertion of dental implants is not painful in itself; much depends on the sensitivity and subjectivity of the patient in post recovery.

Many patients imagine that this surgery is traumatic and can affect their future well-being, but in reality this is not the case.

The operation to insert dental implants is carried out without problems and without causing particular pain to those who need to undergo this operation.

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