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Considering veneers?  Don’t be fooled by misinformation!

Considering veneers? Don’t be fooled by misinformation!

If you are considering getting porcelain veneers you are well along the road to capturing the radiant smile that you‘ve always dreamed of. Whether you are looking to change the shape of your teeth, fix a cracked or broken one, or you just want a new look, porcelain veneers are an excellent and long lasting option for transforming the structure of your smile. Unfortunately, around every great thing, there lies a mountain of information just waiting to be confused for truth, and deterring people from what could be one of the best decisions of their life. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you are considering getting dental veneers, this list of debunked truths will help you to move forward confidently with your decision.

Myth 1 – You can’t eat what you want.

People say that once you get your veneers, you can no longer eat anything crunchy, or anything that has artificial coloring (like candies) or anything dark (like chocolate or coffee). Don’t listen to them! While dentists do recommend that prolonged exposure to darkly or brightly colored foods be avoided (on veneers or on teeth for that matter), complete elimination of these foods from your diet is not required. Beyond a bit of common sense vigilance, veneer wearers can eat as they please!

Myth 2 – They make your real teeth hurt.

Many people are afraid that getting porcelain veneers will be a very painful process. Nothing could be further from the truth. Usually, the dentist will apply a local anesthetic before putting in your veneers so that there is no pain during application. Even after your veneers have been applied, any minor sensitivity that is experienced after application will completely vanish once the veneers are set.

Myth 3 – They all look fake.

Veneers have come a long way since their advent, and the truth is that these days, porcelain veneers are often mistaken for real teeth because they can be highly customized in order to organically blend in with a dental patient’s natural teeth. This blend happens in terms of shape, size, and coloring. Don’t be fooled, your dentist can create any look with your porcelain veneers that you desire to have!

Myth 4 – You have to file your teeth down to make it work.

Many people who are interested in getting veneers get scared off when they hear that your natural teeth have to be shaved down to needle point formation, or even worse! This is completely false. Although there is a light reshaping that typically takes place prior to applying veneers, it is generally quite minimal. Recent dental advances mean that modern veneers can be very thin, and don’t require as much space as some of those we’ve seen in the past.

If you are on the road to getting veneers, don’t let misinformation scare you off. If you have more unanswered questions, contact the team at Angel Dental care and we can help you sort fact from fiction!



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