Are There Any Age Restrictions For Dental Implant Surgery?

Tooth loss is a serious problem that not only hinders the process of chewing but even makes the smile look imperfect. Tooth loss can be a result of infection in the gums or due to an accident or some health complications. Missing teeth can even reduce the strength of the jaw and the adjacent tooth also craves in with time, causing the jaw to deteriorate.

Over the years, with continuous research, dental implants were introduced as an alternate for natural teeth. In the case of a missing tooth, it is replaced by dental implants that are quite similar to a natural tooth. These dental implant surgeries have gained popularity because it is the closest possible alternative to a natural tooth, in terms of functionality and appearance.

Factors To Consider Before Going For A Dental Implant

Though a dental implant may be the most appropriate alternative for a missing tooth, it is not advised by the dentists in every condition. The dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your jaw to make sure if this treatment is right for you. You cannot decide on your own if a dental implant is the right treatment for yourself, hence, visiting the dentist is the right thing to do.

There are several factors that a dentist will consider before advising a dental surgery. Following are few of the most common ones:

  • Patient’s oral hygiene
  • Patient’s lifestyle
  • Medical condition
  • Jawbone density
  • Age

Restriction Of Age for Dental Implants

The success rate of dental surgery depends on the age of the patient as well. As the implant is inserted into the jawbone, the result of the surgery depends upon the density of the bone and many other factors. A fully developed jawbone is essential for dental implant surgery, it generally does not develop until the teenage and starts to weaken as one grows old. Let’s discuss the reason behind age restriction in detail.

Young Dental Patients

Bones are under the phase of development until teenage, once a baby is born the skeleton comprises of 305 bones and turns into 206 bones as it reaches its adulthood. This shows how bones transform during the development process. The jawbone takes its time to fully develop, this is why dentists suggest that patients under 18 years should not undergo a dental implant treatment. The implant needs to be drilled into the jawbone and if the surgery is conducted during the development phase, then the implant would disturb the natural growth.

Elderly Dental Patients

Adults have the right bone density required for a successful dental implant surgery. However, dentists still examine the patient closely to find out if the jawbone is in a proper condition. At times, patients suffer from calcium deficiency that weakens the bones, so this could be one of the reasons why dentists will not suggest an implant surgery. Patients above 80 years of age suffer from such deficiencies, however, if the condition of the jawbone is perfect then the dentist will perform the surgery.

Always Consult the Dentist

To be sure if you can undergo a dental implant surgery, consult a dentist. Your respective dentist will examine you and suggest the right treatment for you. Call Angel Dental of El Monte today and set up a free consultation about dental implants today – 626-444-2002. We have a dental implant specialist on our staff. Come meet with them and discuss your situation.








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