All About Bad Breath

BadBreathAll About Bad Breath!

Everyone experiences it at one time or another, and absolutely nobody wants to get caught with it.  Bad breath, also known as Halitosis, can spring up almost arbitrarily.  But with a bit of dental knowledge, you can indeed pinpoint exactly what the cause of your bad breath is and you can understand exactly what you can do to make it better.  Let’s take a look.

Dental Habits That Cause Bad Breath

The first line of defense in sourcing your bad breath is to check your daily dental hygiene habits. Neglecting your teeth and not brushing or flossing on a consistent basis can cause the breeding of bacteria on your gums, your teeth, and even on your tongue.  This bacterium accumulates quickly, and it is the source of sour or bad breath.  Try upping your dental routine and try making sure that you brush and floss on a regular basis.  You can also add an antibacterial mouthwash to your routine to help control and reduce the accumulation of halitosis causing bacteria.

Specific Foods Can Encourage Bad Breath

If your hygiene habits are in check, you may want to take a closer look at the foods that you are eating.  When you ingest a specific type of food, the breakdown of that food begins immediately upon entering your mouth.  Those nutrients are subsequently digested in your stomach and absorbed into your bloodstream before they are carried by your circulatory system to your lung area where they are exhaled with your normal breathing pattern.  If you eat strongly scented foods like garlic or sauerkraut, the odor is likely to return in your exhaled breath.  Even if you brush your teeth and floss or use mouthwash, once the broken down nutrients reach your bloodstream these odors can easily return.  This bad breath will persist until the nutrients from those foods have passed from your body.

Bad Breath Can Be A Dental Or Medical Warning

Bad breath can also be a warning sign of something slightly more sinister like periodontal (gum) disease.  Caused by the accumulation of excess plaque, gum disease should be treated swiftly to maintain full health for the gums and jawbone.  Other dental issues that cause bad breath can include a yeast overgrowth in the mouth, dental cavities, or any of several medically based ailments like bronchitis, sinus infections, acid reflux or pneumonia.  Even smoking is said to contribute to the formation of bad breath.

With a little time and attention, bad breath is easy to source and correct.  If you’re having trouble figuring out the origins of your bad breath, schedule a visit to our offices and we can help to get you back to normal in no time!


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