What Is Scaling (What and When Do You Need Scaling)

What Is Scaling (What and When Do You Need Scaling)

The golden rule created by dentists worldwide is that you should get your teeth checked every six months. Just like our bodies, our oral health is important and in order to prevent any serious health issues we need to keep a check through dental scaling, which is a dental process that helps people get rid of excess plaque buildup. It is also effective in cleaning up the surface of your teeth and getting rid of any stains. Let’s learn more about scaling.

Understand Scaling

Scaling is a common dental procedure that people with gum disease should get done. This is not the usual cleaning process as it cleans below the gumline to remove any plaque buildup. Scaling itself is often referred to as deep cleaning as it is used to clean gums from any sort of bacterial infection other dental procedures wouldn’t be able to clean out properly.

When Is It Necessary?

At some point, we all have some form of plaque buildup. It’s basically when your saliva, bacteria and proteins form a thin layer, covering your teeth. The reason why scaling needs to be done is to prevent bacteria in the plaque from causing gum diseases and tooth decay. Effective ways of keeping plaque away and preventing serious problem is by brushing, flossing and going for regular dental checkups.

In order to keep your teeth from plaque buildup, your gums should fit tightly around the tooth keeping it out.  However, if you have some form of gum disease that means your gums have loosened, allowing plaque buildup. This may also result in some other serious problems such as bad breath and poor oral health.

What to Expect?

Dental scaling can leave you feeling uncomfortable, particularly if you have sensitive teeth. Your dentist will usually ask a local anesthetic to numb your gum tissue to make the whole procedure more comfortable. It is important to talk to your dentist about options for numbing areas that may cause the most discomfort.

You should be aware that dental scaling can take more than one visit. It all depends on how your dentist decides to go about the procedure.

People should be well informed before getting scaling done, depending on your situation your dentist will be able to determine what action to take. The goal should be to avoid permanent long term gum damage.

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