What does it mean when my gums hurt when I brush my teeth?

Hurting gums is a big discouragement to anyone during teeth brushing. Irrespective of the level of understanding one has on the importance of teeth brushing, those twinges and tingles that come with brushing make teeth brushing appear like something to be totally avoided. You may be swift to pay your dentist a visit when you notice a problem with your teeth but what do you do when the challenge is with your gum? A lot of people just sit back and do nothing but complain, expecting the problem to just go away. Though, gum pain mostly is minor and could be eradicated by regular brushing and flossing of the teeth; if some of the pain is severe it may require medical attention to be treated. These inconveniences from the gums are caused by a lot of things; some of which would be discussed below.

Why does gum hurt while brushing?

  • Scurvy

Vitamin C deficiency, known as scurvy, sometimes results in ulceration of the gums and teeth loss. This condition will make you want to skip the teeth brushing routine over and again which would obviously open door for a greater problem associated with not brushing the teeth. So, develop the habit of adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet as they serve as good sources of Vitamin C.

  • Changes in the hormonal system

Sometimes, hormonal changes in women could lead to gum hurt. This is because, during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, the body hormones change. These changes may result in an increased flow of blood to the gum, e.g., as during puberty, which could cause the gum to be painful. Sometimes morning sickness can prevent some pregnant women from brushing their teeth, discomfort of the gums is another reason a lot of pregnant women would want to do away with brushing.

  • Tobacco and other drugs

The use of tobacco either by smoking or chewing is likely to subject you to the horror of gum problems. Chewing allows the particles of the substance chewed to settle on the teeth and the cheeks, which encapsulate the gum. Tobacco and other drugs like snuff, when chewed, smoked or sniffed, would lead to greater harm than smoking cigarettes would ever give. This danger may include pulling away of the gum from the teeth, sores on the gums and cancer of the mouth.

  • Abrasion from toothbrushes

Using toothbrushes with too hard or stiff bristles can lead to hurting gums while brushing. Brushing can be effectively done with soft-bristled toothbrushes and good fluoride-based toothpaste. It doesn’t have to be vigorous to be effective. Get soft with yourself! Don’t wear out your gums in the name of brushing your teeth. Easy does it even with teeth brushing too.

If your gums ache, hurt, are sensitive or even bleed while brushing your teeth, visit your dentist right away. A simple check up can help you find the problem and stop the pain right away. Call Angel Dental in El Monte for your dental check up and get back to a normal healthy mouth fast. Call us 626-444-2002


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