Vital Tips In Overcoming The Fear Of Visiting Dentists

Dentists and dental professionals play a huge role in ensuring that our teeth, mouth and overall dental health stay strong and in good shape for as long as possible, thereby ensuring that we can live life to the very best with a captivating smile and great self-confidence.

As important as dentists are in giving us that oral boost for our daily lives, it is just as important for us to go to the check up. There is a category of people who have a fear of visiting a dentist. Statistics demonstrate that around 70% of adults in the United States suffer from fear of going to the dentists also known asa “dentophobia.”

As we look at some of the steps that are required to overcome this fear, it is important that we also understand how this fear starts.

Causes of Dentophobia

It has been found that many of those who experience this fear of visiting a dentist because they once had a nasty experience with a dentist at some point in their lifetime. Those patients continue to retain that bad experience in their memory. This experience could have been a painful procedure that was carried out or having to deal with a dentist that acted cold towards them.

Whatever may have been the cause of this fear, we have taken out time to highlight specific tips that can be used in overcoming this fear. Here are some vital tips in overcoming the fear of visiting dentists.

Find a Dentist That You Are Willing To Try

Understand that dentists are human beings also, and this means that they have different character traits and disposition. Ask your family, friends or colleagues to introduce you to a dentist that is understanding and friendly, patient. Make an appointment to meet the dentist in their office setting first, a simple “meet and greet” with no dental work expected.  Meet several dentists if you need to, and don’t feel bad about it. You will find someone that you will feel comfortable enough to make an appointment for a check up to test your comfort level.

Pick a Good Time of Day

Quite a lot of people feel more relaxed during the early morning hours compared to the afternoon. So in choosing an appointment time with a dentist, the early morning hours might be of some comfort.

Take Along a Friend

Going in the company of a friend whom you trust and feel very comfortable being around could also be an option you might want to consider. Just having a friend with you may be the right option for you. So just ask a friend or family member.

Look For a Dentist Who Knows How to Deal With Nervous Patients

Dentists do understand that many people have this kind of phobia, so making your dentist aware is a great first step. You can ask the front desk in the beginning if they have a dentist on staff who is gentle and who has worked with patients that have a fear or are nervous about dental work. There are many dental offices that actually specialize in apprehensive patients.

Start With Small Steps

It is a good idea start with processes such as cleaning and polishing which are regarded as basic procedures. They are generally the least painful or fear provoking. Once you make it though a cleaning, then work it up into higher procedures as you build trust in the dentist. Your dentist will work with you to help you get through the procedures you need.

Bring Your Music and Headphones

Another way to get over this phobia is to have your headphones buzzing with some of the songs you really love to listen to as you go through the entire appointment with your dentist. Listening to music can block out any unwanted sounds that may drive you crazy.

In summary, you need to understand that having a dentophobia isn’t so much of a big deal because practically every individual has one phobia or another of some kind. It is, however, essential that you try some of the tips that have been highlighted in this article as you work your way to overcoming this phobia and getting the very best for your oral hygiene and from your dentist. Call us at Angel Dental in El Monte  626-444-2002 today and let us know if you have some nervous feelings about a check up. We will match you with the right dentist to help get the dental care you need.