The Eligibility For Dental Implants

Although dental implants are the most effective alternative for missing teeth, it still has some restrictions. You might think that a dental implant is the right solution for you but you need to visit a dentist to know if you are eligible for the surgery. Yes, you heard that right, you should be eligible to get a dental implant surgery. A specific criterion has been set by the dentists that a patient should fulfill in order to undergo surgery.

The reason behind this eligibility criteria is that a dental implant is a complete medical surgery that involves multiple steps. Each step is crucial in its own way, the toughest of all is that the titanium post is drilled into the jawbone and for that the density of the bone should be sufficient so that the surgery could be performed.

Eligibility Criteria For Dental Implants

Once a patient visits the dentist, the dentist then closely examines the patient and studies the reason behind tooth loss, after this multiple tests are run to see if they are healthy enough to undergo a dental implant surgery. Following is the common criteria for a successful dental implant surgery:

Gums should be healthy

Having healthy gums is the first tick in the list of eligibility criteria. If you have inflammation or infection in your gums, the doctor would then suggest waiting until it is cured. Once the dentist agrees that the gums are fully cured, then only will he or she consider performing the implant surgery.

Jawbone density

Dental implants are only successful if the patient’s jaw is sturdy. The titanium post needs to be drilled into the jawbone and for this, the density of the bone should be sufficient. If the jawbone is weak then it might crack during the surgical process, or if the bone is not developed completely in case the patient is young, then there would not be much space for the implant. The jawbone should be fully matured and have the right density so that the implant can be properly placed in the jaw, providing a firm grip.

Should Not Have Any Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is the biggest hindrance in getting dental implants. You will not be eligible for the surgery if you have significant immune deficiencies, Connective-tissue diseases, Hemophilia or Uncontrolled diabetes. Your dentist might suggest an alternative treatment rather than putting your life at risk. It is essential that you share your medical history with your dentist so that they can guide you properly.

Age Limit

Age is also considered while deciding the eligibility of the patient. The reason is that bones tend to undergo a development stage until the person is 18 years old and in some cases, it continues till 20 years. If the patient is below the given age bracket, then the dentist will not recommend undergoing a dental implant surgery, because the post will restrict the natural growth of the jawbone, resulting in abnormality.

Once the patient meets all the criteria, you become eligible to undergo a dental implant surgery, however, the dentist will suggest appropriate treatment after a complete examination. Call us at Angel Dental of El Monte to discuss if dental implants are right for you 626-444-2002. We offer Care Credit financing.










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