Shattering The Myths Surrounding Dental Implants

Dental Imlant MythsIf you have considered getting dental implants, you must have heard certain myths and rumors floating around. Due to these myths, those who are excellent candidates for this surgery end up changing their mind about it.


Well, we are here to clear all those myths and rumors. Once you read out the entire post and learn the truth about implants, you will never let these myths cloud your judgment about getting dental implants.


Myth #1: You Can Buy Bargain Implants If You Are On A Tight Budget 

Lately, you may have seen many bargain dental implant centers offering people a cheaper dental implant solution. Although some are legitimate, there are others who use poor standard products made from cheap materials. Most people don’t realize it but this is extremely dangerous for you. Dental implants are placed and screwed into your jawbone where they function as a real tooth.


Myth #2: The Dental Implants Will Appear Different Compared To Your Own Natural Teeth

This is a total myth. Once the dental implant is planted and restored properly, you yourself will not be able to distinguish from your own natural teeth. When you smile or laugh, most people won’t be able to notice the difference between your natural teeth and your implanted one. Your implant will come out from your gums the same way as your own tooth. Your experienced and highly trained dentist will use the utmost quality dental products, which will dye the implant crown. Thus ensuring your implanted tooth matches your natural teeth perfectly.


Myth #3: It Is Better To Get A Bridges Than An Implants

If you have some missing teeth, your dentist will prescribe you various ways to have them replaced. The two most standard options are fixed bridges and dental implants. The process of getting a fixed bridge entails shaving down the tooth next to the extracted one. A bridge is laid over the shaved teeth. In majority of the cases, dental implants are considered a better option as compared to bridges. This is because dental implants help maintain the formation of the neighboring teeth. Whereas, bridges cause the adjacent natural teeth around the extracted one to endure more stress. Ultimately, with time, the stress results in the bridge to break and in need of being replaced.

Myth #4: You Will Have To Endure Harsh Pain While Getting Dental Implants

Most people are tense and frightened of getting dental implants placed in their mouth simply because they think the process will be extremely painful. Well, we are here to relieve you of all that worry and tension.

The truth is, dental implant surgery is as painless yet uncomfortable, as the procedure of a simple dental extraction. At the time of your placement surgery, your trustworthy dentist will numb the area by using a local anesthetic so you do not feel a thing during the entire dental implant surgery. You might experience some pain while the affected implanted areas start to heal.  However, your dentist will make sure to recommend you the proper medicines for pain control. Call Angel Dental of El Monte today to find out if dental implants are right for you. Call us today 626-444-2202




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