A Quick Guide to Teeth Whitening

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Brilliant white teeth do not look natural. Therefore, teeth whitening treatments do not actually make your teeth white. They actually lighten the color of your teeth, down to several shades. Teeth whitening is the most suitable option to make your teeth look white and you smile nicer. Here is a quick guide to teeth whitening, which will provide you with an idea about what to expect when visiting a dentist for teeth whitening.

Always remember that only a registered dental professional is eligible to conduct or supervise teeth whitening process. Any other person may not be able to perform it in a safe manner. Before the teeth whitening treatments, a dentist will check you thoroughly to make sure you do not have any dental issues or gum disease. Otherwise, you must not a teeth whitening treatment until your other dental problems have been addressed. Some people are sensitive to the chemical used in teeth whitening treatment while some people have dental implants, crowns or caps. All these things need to be considered before teeth whitening treatment.

There are two different methods of teeth whitening. The first method is a quick teeth whitening, which takes only one hour and is done with the use of a laser. Initially, a bleaching chemical is painted on your teeth and then it is zapped with a laser to remove the stains. Afterward, it is washed away. This is a quick but expensive method. The second method is more affordable one. It uses a mouth guard and bleaching gel. Initially, the dentist makes the impression of your teeth to make a mouth guard. You will be required to wear the mouth guard for up to four weeks depending on how long the gel will take to come into effect. The effect of teeth whitening treatment can last from three months to three years depending on your eating habits.

While it all sounds a lot convenient with healthy teeth, however, there are some risks associated with teeth whitening treatment. The bleaching contains hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. In case, your teeth or gum are sensitive, these chemicals can result in itching or burning. In case, you feel that you are sensitive to the whitening gel, you must immediately inform your dentist. It is possible that you will be required to quit the teeth whitening treatment in order to prevent any further complications.

Another teeth whitening process is available commercially in the form of home kits. However, it is highly recommended that you must not use them without the supervision of the dentist. The gel in the home kits may not be strong enough to be effective. In addition to that, the mouth guards are available in a standard shape and size, which may not fit into your teeth properly. This can cause a leakage of the gel into your mouth lining and gums.

And there are additional effective and safe ways that Angel Dental can help brighten your smile. Come in for a consultation about whitening your teeth, there are many options to fit your needs and your budget. Just give us a call and we can help you right away get the smile you deserve. Set up an appointment today 626-444-2202.


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